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We-Go Studios is more than just an independent record label. We specialize in music production, music marketing and music advertising. The music industry is filled with talented musicians who lack the ability and resources to produce, market, and advertise their music to the industry level. We look to connect indie artist with our staff and 3rd party partners to manufacture and distribute high quality sounds to their fans in the form of a complete music release package. We have over 10+ years in the music industry and we pride ourselves on building strong relationships across the world with experienced musicians, music engineers, media producers, tour managers and other music industry professionals. 


  • music/beat production
  • music mixing & mastering
  • song writing
  • publishing, digital & radio distribution
  • advertising & marketing
  • artist/product branding
  • artist development
  • social media branding & advertising
  • web hosting & design (E-Commerce)
  • tour management
  • media production
  • product development

2017 Billboard Indie Label


We-Go Studios’ own Blake Cee is a Co-Producer of Dante Bowe’s debut album “Son of A Father” which was released in 2017. The album appeared on the Christian/Gospel Billboard list at #21 (Top 100) and on the Top 5 Gospel listing on Apple Music for weeks during 2017.

Corporate Partners

CEO of We-Go Studios : Indie Label

“Welcome to our site. We are looking to build a community of people who share the same interest. That interest is the LOVE OF MUSIC! Please join us as we create a social space for users to share, communicate, and connect with music lovers around the world!”


Vision & Progress
Site Layout 43%
SOCIAL Features 35%
Products, Services, Merchandise 47%
User Communications 53%
Indie Music Warehouse 42%
Music Streaming Service 34%